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This Is Me

Silver Active Summer Art Project

This summer 2020 we continued to deliver art door to door.

As part of the Silver Active Summer Activity programme for the residents of Homes for Haringey,Pauline and Christina devised art packs to keep residents busy and helping them to learn new art skills and exploring new techniques. There were four more packs. These packs had drawing techniques and colour theory skills. Activities such as how to make a continuous line self portrait, paper hand decoration, make a decorative bunting and a chance to decorate their own mug for a tea party at the end of the project!!!

Felicia Silver Active.jpg

After completing the 'This Is Me' project funded by The mayor Of London Culture Seeds Grant, Pauline and Christina  continued to deliver art packs to the residents of Homes 4 Haringey as part of the Silver Active Summertime Avtivity programme.  The packs  included lots of fun activities and many new art techniques to learn. The first pack had a colour theory study and how to draw, colour and shade an orange...the pack included a real orange  to draw!!!

Wisdom hand decoration
These two activities were included in art pack number 4. There was a self portrait activity to be done by not taking the pen off the paper.And a draw around your  hand that can be decorated with colours and quotes.  This hand will then be put on exhibition with all the #homes4haringey participants on to a big wisdom tree in the housing developments.
Continuous line drawing self portrait
Wisdom hand decoration
Hand decorated mug using decals
Hand of hope for the Covid-19 tree
Art pack number 6  included how to mix the colour green and a still life to draw a green pepper (see the video below)

These are two amazing pieces of art created by one of our participants.  The mug has been decorated by using decals and this beautiful hand decoration will be place on the

Covid-19 Tree of hope to inspire us all.

Felicia's bunting

These are two beautiful bunting collages,to decorate the Silver active Tea Party.

Don't forget your hand decorated mug!!

Postage stamp design

In pack 6 residents designed their own postage stamp based on information about themselves. 

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