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Winter Art Project 20/21

Homes For Haringey

Winter Art Project Timetable
Art Pack #1    Negative Space drawing                     Monday 7th December '20
Art Pack #2    Mark making,shading,shapes               Monday 21st December '20
Art Pack #3    Colour Theory.                                    Monday  4th January    '21
Art Pack #4     Mono Printing                                    Monday   1st February  '21
Art Pack #5     Oil pastels/still life                             Monday 15th February  '21
Art Pack #6     Poly board Printing                              Monday 1st  March      '21
Pauline and Christina have put together a selection of six art packs that will teach the basics of drawing skills and colour theory techniques as well as two printing methods, monoprintig and poly board printing. These packs will be delivered to your housing development for you to enjoy being creative during winter and Covid 19 restrictions. Looking forward to seeing some lovely artwork that we can display once lockdown is lifted.
Negative space drawing video
Art Pack number 1
Still Life

Art pack number 2

How to set up a still life and shading techniques.

Art Pack Number 3

With this art pack we will

teach you some colour Theory and how to mix colours using your coloured pencils to blend the colours. We have included a colour wheel for you to mix the primary and secondary colours.

IMG_2995 (2).JPG

Art Pack Number 4

Make a print using crayons

This is a simple yet effective technique. By creating a thick block of colour using a dark crayon, you can use it to make a number of prints by tracing over an image or photo of your choice.  You can tint your print to make it colourful.


Art Pack Number 5

Create a Still life using oil pastels

Discover the magic of oil pastels with this pack. Create a still life and use oil pastels that are supplied in this pack to colour and blend the colours which will give you a different smooth result compared to crayons.  We have also given you instructions on how to set up and colour your still life. Have fun!

oil pastel still life example
Oil Pastel 5.jpg

Example of Still Life

Completed Still Life

Art Pack Number 6

Learn The technique of Polyboard printing

This is our final art pack! We will be showing you how to make a print using the polyboard method.  Please take a look at the video page to see the 'how to' demo so you can get an idea of how it's done.  We hope you have enjoyed keeping busy during Covid 19 Lockdown as well as learning new art skills. Thank you for all your lovely Art you have shared with us.

Pauline and Christina

Polyboard print with found objects

Impressed polyboard print


Designed polyboard print

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